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We have an excellent track record of customer satisfaction for our aerial and DSTV satellite TV installation services

An aircraft does not have the luxury of pulling over to the side of the road if it experiences equipment failure. I trained as an aircraft technician. Today I apply that training to our satellite TV technical services at Aerial & Satellite. No signal failure for our clients!” – Robin Kolberg

We are highly trained professionals in DSTV satellite TV installation as well as various digital audio visual systems and technologies. We specialise in the installation and setup of every component, from dish installation to antenna or internet router to TV displays, media players, sound systems, tablets, laptops and smart-phones.

Satellite TV Signal Problems


Satellite TV signal problems troubleshooting & repairs

Got no signal? Call us now. We might be able to help you over the phone. If not, we’ll book a technician for you right away. And we’ll fix it so that you won’t have this problem recurring. Aerial & Satellite – Koltronics is trusted across Johannesburg for installation and repair of satellite TV connections.


Installation & Systems


Installation & service of all Satellite TV Multichoice DSTV systems

We are an accredited DSTV Multichoice installer, operating in Johannesburg, which means you will receive the high standard installation that MultiChoice DSTV has set for the industry as a whole.

TV Systems
TV system design for home and office

We design and install all satellite TV and IPTV systems from basic set ups for home to high-end systems for offices, board rooms, conference centres, residential complexes, hospitals, waiting rooms, dental practices, schools and much more.

TV On Demand
Get TV on demand with IPTV

Internet Protocol (IP) TV means viewing live streaming, videos or programmes on demand like Showmax and Netflix on your TV screen. We can install, connect and set up.

CCTV Integration

We can set up CCTV security cameras that are linked to a TV screen on your premises, or link your TV screen to an existing security CCTV system.

Satellite over Fibre

The new buzz-word is fibre. We now can distribute satellite TV signal over fibre making the communal distribution system for more reliable and less prone to damage by lightning.

We can set up CCTV security cameras that are linked to a TV screen on your premises, or link your TV screen to an existing security CCTV system.



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Mounting & Extra Points

TV wall mounting and installing extra points

Need a TV in every room with HD resolution? We can install the points for you and mount each screen. And don’t struggle with large screens yourself; we can handle installation of the biggest screens, quickly and safely.

Multi-screen TV Displays

Home theatre and multi-screen TV displays

We can design and install sophisticated home theatre systems and surround sound for satellite TV or IPTV installations.

Technical Satellite TV Systems

Building a new home or business premises?

Let us work with your architect. We can design the optimum technical satellite TV systems and ensure that these are incorporated into the building plans from the start.


Excellent track record of customer satisfaction

Your #1 priority

When staying connected to your in-home entertainment and DSTV Multichoice is your #1 priority

It happens all too often that electronic systems let one down – invariably when a favourite show is playing. When Aerial and satellite is called in to do an emergency repair, we invariably find that maintenance has been neglected or the fault has been caused by a poor quality installation by another installer. Just as with any device (from your car to your fridge to your laptop) a regular checkup and service of your Satellite TV and home entertainment systems will ensure peace of mind and uninterrupted connection.

When you need it most, you’ll be so glad you opted for an Aerial and satellite Residential Maintenance Plan.

Contact our sales representatives to customise a Maintenance Plan to suit  your needs

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011 486 2824 / 083 2609492