About satellite TV signal problems
Question 1
My TV is searching for a signal (it’s stuck on “SCAN”)?
Check that the signal cable is connected to the back of the decoder and the connector has been screwed on “hand tight” (the 7mm cable with a screw-type connector).

Switch the decoder off at the mains plug. Wait 15 seconds. Reapply power.

Question 2
If still stuck on ‘SCAN”?
Unscrew the connector from the back of the decoder. Look into the connector as if you were looking down a pipe. You should see a single centre copper wire extending approximately 5mm from the connector. Around the centre wire, you should see a round white dielectric insulating sponge separating the centre wire from the inner edges of the silver screw-type connector. Ensure that the cable is screwed completely into the connector up to the stop. Ensure that there are no silver cable screen wires touching or wrapped around the centre wire. If all is clear, re-attach the screw-type connector and look for any change.
Question 3
If there is no change?
You need to call us to arrange a technician to investigate and resolve the problem for you.
Question 4
My picture is breaking into blocks?
Are there possibly trees growing in front of your dish?
Question 5
I have taken my decoder to Multichoice but I still have no signal?
Does your decoder have power – i.e. is the indicator light on?

What are you seeing on the screen – a blue screen, blocky picture or error message?

Some error messages can be cleared by Multichoice.

If the decoder is freezing, switch off the decoder, remove the smart card, wipe it down, put it back in the slot and power up.

Please note: Download and Catchup can take up to 5 days to download on the Explora.