Poor DSTV Signal caused by Trees

Poor DSTV signal caused by trees? Yes, it is Spring. The leaves in your, or your neighbor’s garden, sprout from the branches and as the branches extend up and outward. What happens next, is the tree leaves, actively block the DSTV satellite signal. Your satellite dish now receives a poor DSTV satellite signal. Next, the poor DSTV signal feeds to your decoder. And then, the decoder fails to decode the signal sufficiently causing the breaking up of your DSTV pictures. This then also results in total loss of signal on some or all of your DSTV satellite TV channels.

Testing Your DSTV Signal

Our technicians resolve signal issues by testing for both signal strength and quality. The technician uses sophisticated digital test instruments to find the optimal position for your satellite dish. Taking trees into consideration is imperative as our technician identifies the optimal position for the placement of your satellite dish. Not only what the trees look like now, but also what they may grow into in one year or 5 years’ time.

See if you can identify the signal issue?
Signal test meter showing signal readings

Look at the picture of one of our test instruments measuring a DSTV satellite signal. Does the picture seem ok or not? The picture may look ok, but the signal strength and quality are not optimal. Also, this particular DSTV signal reading indicates issues in bit error rate.  We are losing a significant amount of picture data. This then results in errors and picture breakup. Our technician sees this immediately as they are trained on what to look for in the signal readings. The equipment they are using is of high quality giving them an accurate range of important signal data.

What we have found

Our technicians occasionally reposition the DSTV satellite dish of one of our existing clients. We, however, mostly reposition dishes for new clients who are frustrated with the poor DSTV signal resulting from an incorrectly sited dish during the initial installation.

Give us a Call – to resolve that poor DSTV signal

If you are experiencing poor DSTV signal, signal loss, or breaking pictures, give us a call. We identify the cause and provide a guaranteed solution.