What a Dentist Looks For:

With the all the advancements in technology, it is amazing where our clients request us to install TV and display screens these days.

Koltronics had the opportunity to upgrade the LED screen installation at the surgery of Dr. Peet van der Vyfer. It’s been his 5th upgrade over the past 10 years. Dr. van der Vyfer is an expert in his field of dentistry and pays great attention to detail expecting nothing but the best.  We joked about filling every space of white wall in his surgery with LED display screens.

The Challenges:

Installing equipment in a surgery is challenging, as picture quality and positioning of the screens is critical.

  • The environment is closely packed with expensive medical equipment
  • Time to work needs to be scheduled when the surgery is available
  • It is a hygienic environment and needs to be kept clean
  • Quality of picture is essential
  • Screens need to be viewed at critical positions based on equipment layout and positions of people
  • The interfacing with all the video feeds from the various pieces of equipment

Positioning a screen:

Screen 1: On the ceiling above the patient’s head

  • The patients can view their favorite show while they lie back in chair undergoing a procedure. Cartoon Network for kids is a winner for nervous children.
  • The dentist can is able to show their patient via the microscope camera what needs to be done in their mouths or they can watch their procedure in HD quality.

Screen 2: Opposite the lab assistant

  • The dental assistant is able to follow the procedure on the screen and remains ready to assist the dentist knowing exactly what instrument he will need next.

Screen 3: Opposite the dentist – on the wall above the patient’s feet

  • To display news or other programs in order to keep the dentist up to date with current events.
  • To display photos or videos to patients of what is happening in their mouth while they are sitting upright.

Screen 4: On the wall behind the dentist’s head

  • For training purposes in the surgery, students are able to watch the procedure live in HD while listening to the dentist’s commentary.

By installing LED Screens in a dental practice,  both patient and surgeon benefit from this equipment making the experience far more efficient, informative and entertaining. If your dentist is not equipped with the latest technology, possibly suggest it to him.  It will only increase his effectiveness as well as your experience during your next visit. Refer him to us and we will send one of our technical consultants to assess their requirements.


By Robin Kolberg